Saturday, April 14, 2012

A row of sunshine.

 Kirea is a shrub with yellow pom poms on lime green stems.
They thrive in the shade under the pines.
They do spread but that is OK
 it fills a space  under the trees.
We mow it off every other year .
The easy was to maintain the landscaping.
I have 2 patches  I do them on alternate years.
So I have a bright spot each spring.
Now that we are approaching 70 we find
new ways to control the yard with less effort.
The chain saw, the mower, hedge trimmer and
a weed whacker with a saw blade.
This year the row of 14 burning bushes went from 5 ft
to 18 inches in one hour.
The honeysuckle arch got a major hair cut too.
The box wood got attacked with the hedge trimmer
instead of hand trimmed.
It will recover in 6 weeks-hopefully.
Maybe someday a young person will come up
the long driveway and buy this park like
25 acres and we can settle into a condo
on the gold course so we are still surrounded by green.

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