Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sping Greens.

 Love the colors of spring. So many greens.
The light limey greens, the dark greens of the pines,
the yellow green of the oaks.
I found a Kola sewing cabinet on Craig's list for $300
just what I was needing to have the proper sewing height.
Only 45 minutes away too. What a bargin.
When I told my husband what they were new
he agreed to go with me to pick it up.
So this morning my husband will get it  out of the back of
my SUV and down the basement steps.
Thank goodness we have an appliance dolly.
Than I will start on either a segment of a quilt for Houston
or painting a chair for the Lafayette Museum of Art.
Both on my to be done list by May 1st.

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