Thursday, October 10, 2013

Berries and fruit

 The blue berries on the branch will be in one
of my quilt panels I will start in January. I love
berries and vines.
Today I head to Lafayette, Indiana for the monthly
FibR meeting. It will be good to see the gals
again. They are such a talented bunch of artist.

Last month I traded Anita one of her quilts for my
Central Park quilt which is one of my best.
It will be hard to turn it over to her tonight.
Funny how we get favorites until the next on we
make that surpasses it. Before the meeting I will
take my grandson Brent out for supper. He is
a freshman at Purdue. It will be nice to see
how he is doing and hear all the stories.
But first this morning I will start another landscape
quilt this time for Dana.
Andrew is also coming to switch out the exhaust
fan in the bathroom. So nice to have an electrician
in the family. Our Grand kids are such a help.

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