Friday, October 11, 2013


 I had a delightful time in Lafayette last
night. I took Brent to supper at Red Seven
and we both had chicken fettuccine.
Brent is a freshman at Purdue and getting
straight A's. It was nice to visit with him I
had not seen him since August.
 Than the FibR meeting was nice. We talked
about a show proposal for 2015 that would
be more of a installation involving trees than
just a show. You would see bare trees entering
the gallery than they would progress to
trees full of flowers. Interesting concept.
I love meeting with fellow artist. The group
is very diverse and interesting.
I sit in my recliner and look out the back yard and
see the changing trees. The pond is getting low as it
does by the end of summer. Love the place I live in
so restful to enjoy quiet and serenity.
Have a great day.

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