Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post cards for Houston

 Today I finally got back in the studio.
I made 15 pet post cards for the International
Quilt show. Hope Pokey likes them. All cats.
 This weather is just awesome.
Clear crisp and sunny.
Makes the living a joy.
Love the pines in the early morning.
Dew drips off of everything.
Doing 4 bushels of apples was too much but I
would rather get it over with quickly. Now we
have sauce and pies for another year.
I finally gave in and called for an appointment
for shots to my knees. Bummer he is busy
and I cannot get in until November 5th. I will
have to be very good and not do a lot to
make them worse.
I want to wait until next May to get the
replacement.  I got too many art quilts to do
this winter. Besides art is more fun.

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