Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More art quilts for Saturday

I finished two more mini quilts.
These will make good gifts for someone.
I decorated half the house for Christmas too.
I am in the mood.
Thursday Nancy from Michigan will come to do
a play date. We tried 7 weeks ago but I took a
nose dive on the drive way and was not in any shape
to play 7 weeks ago.
Saturday will be 8 weeks and I still have some
bruising. I will make another small landscape
quilt tomorrow. Than Friday I will finish decorating
 for Christmas and put price tags on my art.
I made a batch of pie crust cookies for lunch.
I will make grilled turkey and ham sandwiches
on rye for lunch. I like to use provolone cheese
and put grilled onions on mine. Yum.
The weather is supppose to turn cold and
stay that way for the next 10 days.
Winter is here.

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